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I have questions!

We will try to have answers. If the below doesn't cover it, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Where is your registry?

There isn't one! We have lived together for many years & have all the bits, bobs & tchotchkes that fit in 650 square feet. We really mean it when we say that your presence is the greatest present. If you'd like to share best wishes on our wedding day, we will have a card box, or, we graciously accept contributions toward our adventurous Honeymoon plans.

Can I bring my children?

Our wish for you is that you enjoy a night away from your normal duties & dance the night away without a curfew. However, everyone's parental journey is different and we understand that might not be the most comfortable option for you -- if you have specific child-related needs, please reach out to us!

Gina, did you make up "black tie festive" or what?

I might have, but I think it's real! If "dressing as if you're going to The Met Gala" doesn't inspire you the same way it inspires me, I've pulled together this Pinterest board of ideas. Think: color, texture, patterns, dramatics & theatrics. But, if that's not your style, no worries! Please wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable, with a formal flair -- sans white, please.

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